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I grew up with technology, radio, general electronics and gadgets. I have been and am an amateur radio operator, NO1PC, since 1970. I have worked in a wide variety of electronics and technology from paging and two-way radios systems, public safety radio, broadcast, medical instrumentation, scientific research and forensic instruments, digital and computer technology, technical and consumer software.. My technology interests have driven or provided a number of volunteer community service activities most notably as a volunteer firefighter for 8 years in Texas (I signed up to maintain their radios and apparatus and got thrown in the fire so to speak) and as a technical lead with the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. With those I have certainly come to understand critical communications. I have been fortunate to work with numerous educators, mentors, engineers and a broad "user base" to acquire, learn, understand, enjoy and deliver a lot of great technology. I look forward to encountering new mentors every day and making the most of what they have to offer. I am also an accomplished technical author and columnist, starting with a modest PC how-to book inspired by my mentors and experiences to everyday aspects of computing in our lives, from command-lines to WiFi. The perspective of gathering and sharing and giving back with information available to me continues to drive work, hobby and volunteer services. My interests and desire in this blog are to share and capture various nuances and best practices from and for hobby to life-safety aspects of communications and ham radio.

Should We Join The ARRL?

… Who/What Are We Joining? 5 Dec 2017 Some (many?) new hams may not even consider the ARRL as they join the hobby. What is it? What does it do for us – individually or collectively? “$49 for a radio … Continue reading

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“Fun Mode…”

It’s a “Fun Mode” – Is it “the mode” or the results? – 5 Dec 2017 de No1PC I hear “fun mode” once in awhile – in reference to D-Star, DMR, P25, Fusion, etc. – and wonder what’s any more … Continue reading

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‘OnStar’ via APRS and HF Mobile

Easter Weekend 2014 Captain MarshMellow (my faithful sidekick mini-Aussie) and I packed up and headed out from Silicon Valley, Billings.MT-or-Bust, to check out and possibly purchase and tow back our now-present 2004 30 foot Airstream Classic.   Our second unit … Continue reading

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Antennas and Counterpoise

I just posted the first draft (subject to peer review) of an illustrated narration through RF+antenna ‘circuit’ basics and the essentials of deliberate counterpoise to complete the circuit and avoid stray RF. Some parts of the circuit are depicted … Continue reading

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The FM Chronicles

Welcome to my ‘portal’ for sharing and capturing the history, technologies, products, projects, anecdotes, and honoring the people who started a growth spurt in amateur radio and technology by introducing Frequency Modulation (FM) operations to the community and expanding capabilities, coverage … Continue reading

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